Why aren’t you planning?

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Figure Out Why You Aren’t Planning

I am sure you will be able to relate to most of the reasons discussed below.  The biggest reason I hear of why someone doesn’t plan is that they don’t have time.

Guess what…it’s Time for Planning…what do you have to lose?

Why aren’t you planning?

Do you ever get tired…

  • of looking for stuff
  • of not knowing what’s going on
  • of repeating yourself
  • of trying to remember everything
  • of not getting anything finished
  • of not making your own decisions

Rest assured, you are not alone!  Humans are all born with free will. Ultimately you decide how you spend your time.  Undoubtedly there are many things that you may not enjoy the task of doing, but  I am sure you enjoy the end result.  For instance, going to the grocery store.  It’s one of my top most unpleasant tasks.  However, I do enjoy having food in my house to eat.  Planning all of the aspects of a trip to the grocery store helps to make it more tolerable.

Figure Out Why You Aren't Planning? timeforplanning.com

Why do I (Christina Davis) plan?

The most important reason why I plan is that I want to have time to do the things I want to do.

The second most important reason I plan is that I have responsibilities that are important and non-negotiable.

Lastly,  I plan because I know I can’t remember everything.  I struggled for many years. Eventually, I realized this simple truth.

In short, my approach to planning is from the perspective of making the most of my time to get the items that must be done so that there is time left for the things I place in my high-value areas.

When will you realize the multitude of benefits?

Again, this is going back to some of the reasons why you could be tired.  Planning is the difference between having a good day and having a bad day.

Some (of many) benefits to planning:

  • able to do the things you want to do
  • feel less stress
  • not wasting (as much) time
  • actually getting things finished
  • feel better about yourself
  • use of your time is consistent with your values and priorities
  • able to make better decisions
  • brings order and clarity

What is your excuse?

Let me guess…you are too busy.  Seriously.  Facing your excuse head on will get you on the better path.  After all, if you know your excuse, it can be a tool for discovering what processes might work for you.

  • Planning is hard.
  • Planning is time-consuming.
  • The plan could change.
  • There is no point.
  • I am afraid to fail.
  • I don’t have the necessary knowledge.
  • I will tomorrow.

You get the point.  The exciting thing is that I can help you!

You can’t control everything, but why not become more prepared?

Where do you go from here?

What are you waiting for?  Get Started Today!

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I have used various types of planners, inserts, and supplies over the past 26 years. I am also fascinated with personal development; specifically time management. Managing responsibilities and happiness (or contentment) are equally important. So naturally, I want to help you discover how to do the same! Contact Me and let me know how I can help you!

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