Utilize Weekly Planning to Maximize Productivity

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Utilize Weekly Planning to Maximize Productivity. Time For Planning Insight Academy. Practical Planning Segment. www.timeforplanning.com

Typically, I know how I plan and do my planning without much thought to my actual system as a whole.  However, as the year progresses I find various things that need to be added and removed from my planning system.

Utilize Weekly Planning to Maximize Productivity

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This post will be taking another step toward showing you exactly how I plan for the week ahead. I will be sharing the details of the planning process I use for my Sunday Planning.

If you would like to set up your own weekly routine for a “typical” week using a step-by-step workbook, check out my Weekly Routine Workbook here.

My goal for planning is to have my planning system on paper in a checklist format so I can keep it updated throughout the year.

Invest Time Where It Matters To You. Fully Utilize Weekly Planning to Maximize Productivity. timeforplanning.com

Today is about learning about how to fully utilize weekly planning to maximize productivity.

Weekly Planning can be a challenge.  You have seven days to plan for and various tasks that need to be completed.  The days will continue to pass with or without a plan.

Let’s face it.  Your monthly calendar is used for appointments, events, and celebrations.  So where does your planning happen?

*Do you only use a weekly spread?  The reason you may do this is that you feel as if you don’t have enough to plan to warrant using a daily page. Ultimately, you are using a weekly spread for daily planning.

*Do you only use a daily page?  Do you feel like the week passes you by before you’ve accomplished your tasks?  Your view is too narrowed.  Weekly planning provides a new perspective.

Productivity is when you have achieved the desired result.  Planning your week for the best productivity takes some preparation.  In other words, you are setting yourself up for success. You should have some goals so that you know what you need to do.  Goals provide the focus for each of your tasks so you will know what you’re working toward.  When you have finished the tasks you’ve accomplished your goals.  This is what being productive is all about.  You are making decisions to set yourself up to be productive rather than just being busy.

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Weekly View Layout

Personally, I have struggled with finding a weekly spread layout that worked for me.  The layouts themselves seem visually appealing, but, when used, the layouts didn’t function well for me.

If you don’t have or use a weekly page/spread, you can use your daily pages when planning for the week.

Before you begin planning your week, let’s talk about weekly routines.

Weekly Routine

A weekly routine is a process of designating certain days of the week when you do specific tasks.  For instance, a day for cleaning each room of your home, a day to read, a day to mow the yard, etc.  By assigning days, you are setting time aside for particular tasks.  Typically, these are recurring tasks that happen every week.  However, the details may vary.   If you decide to read on Tuesday, for example, you must set aside time for reading and decide what you’re going to read. In other words, every Tuesday you are going to read, but the time and the book will vary.

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Weekly Planning Workbook. setting up a routine for a typical week. Time For Planning Insight Academy. TFP Store. www.timeforplanning.com

January 2018 Sunday Planning Process Start to Finish. Time For Planning Insight Academy. www.timeforplanning.com

Weekly (Sunday) Planning Process

On Sunday, I sit down with my planner to make a plan for the week.

I use Monday as the first day of the week.

Do you have a master to-do list?  I use an “Undated To Do List” which is where I write tasks that I want to do, but I haven’t assigned a deadline.  These are tasks that need to be scheduled.  The majority of my deadlines are self-assigned.  In other words, I assign my own deadlines to each of my tasks.

Tip: Be sure to leave some buffer time for things that will arise throughout the week.

  • Closeout the current week.
    • Review the weekly page and corresponding daily pages looking for any items I want to index for the month and any incomplete tasks.
    • Record any items on Monthly Index.
    • If I still need/want to do any incomplete tasks, I use a page flag to mark the page so I can assign the task to a new day.
  • Brain Drain (aka Brain Dump).
    • Now that I have reviewed the closeout week, I look at my monthly spread to see what’s scheduled.  I usually have sticky notes of tasks that I want to do, so I wrangle them on together on a to do list for the week. I do my best to self-assign due dates, but sometimes I have on-going tasks.  For example, I am constantly finding new things to do for homeschool.  So I will work on adding the new information to my notebook throughout the week when I have time.
  • Fill In Weekly Page.
    • The weekly page I am using is a week on 1-page.  I draw vertical lines to create 3 columns.
    • I fill in the Time For Planning editorial calendar in the first column.
    • I fill in my to do list, appointments, errands in the middle column.
    • I fill in the Time For Planning social media calendar in the last column.
  • Fill in Daily Pages.
    • Daily Cleaning Zone is usually listed first.
    • Exercise. I am currently focusing on my sleep schedule.
    • AT School- My 2 1/2 year old’s (AT) Homeschool Plan.
    • Time With God- I use a devotional and a Bible Study Book.
    • Time For Planning Tasks (such as blog posts, graphics, social media)
    • Refer to the Notes Section- Flip through the pages looking for any tasks that I can fit into my schedule for the week.

Final Thoughts. Notebooks. January 2018 Planner Setup and Sunday Planning Process. Time For Planning Insight Academy. www.timeforplanning.com

Final Thoughts

There are only a couple more things that I use in my planning system, so I thought I would finish with my Notebooks.

Every detail is unable to fit into my planner. So… I use notebooks.  I do my best to keep things to a minimum, but I place a high value on writing!

Currently, I use three notebooks.

  • Time For Planning
  • Preschool Homeschool
  • War (Binder) Notebook

Those are the three high-value areas of my life that need more space.  I add anything and everything to these notebooks.  Some things are duplicated in my planner also.

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