Updated June 2018 Planner Setup

I have officially gone to the “Happy Side.”

What prompted me to switch to a Happy Planner?

1. The One Book July Challenge

one book july 2018 youtube playlist. #onebookjuly2018 www.timeforplanning.com

2. The Video Below

2018 Planner Lineup and How I’m Using It by Under The Covers Book Blog

Part 1

Part 1 of my updated June 2018 Planner Setup is mostly about planning supplies that I am using.  Some of the supplies are new to me while others are favorites.

Items Mentioned:


Part 2

In Part 2, I show the initial setup of my faith journal and the setup of my planner.  Both the faith journal and the planner are classic size Happy Planner.

Faith Journal List Section:
  • Books
  • Songs
  • Podcasts
  • Bible Studies
  • Websites
  • Apps

My Planner (Farmhouse):

I switched from a 6-ring ring-bound planner to the Classic Happy Planner.

  1. I removed all but 3 months of the calendar pages included with purchase.
  2. Opened my ring-bound planner and asked myself “Where am I going to put this?” The answer to that question for all the info determined the new setup in my happy planner.
  3. I added a few functional supplies.  For example, a folder and some notepad pages for jotting things down quickly.
  4. Still To Do: Add some decoration with stickers and washi tape.

TFP Book Club. www.timeforplanning.com

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I have used various types of planners, inserts, and supplies over the past 26 years. I am also fascinated with personal development; specifically time management. Managing responsibilities and happiness (or contentment) are equally important. So naturally, I want to help you discover how to do the same! Contact Me and let me know how I can help you!

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