Too Many Tabs Open

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Have you ever had too many Internet tabs open at once? In this article, you are going to discover why it is important to write things down.

You’re sitting at the computer.  you have one tab open working on a task.  While reading on the web page, you come across a concept that you need more information about.  Naturally, you open another tab to search the term of the concept.  While reading, you discover more unfamiliar concepts.  Before you know it you have 10 different tabs open.

It can definitely feel like madness.  You have a continuous flow of information.

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Too Many Tabs Open

Well, the same thing happens to your mind.

You can have too many tabs open at once.   The reason this happens is because you are trying to juggle too many thoughts at the same time.

The good news is there’s a simple solution.

The simple solution is to write things down.  Writing your thoughts down on paper gets all of your ideas out of your head, which allows you to get all the information out in front of you.  Only then can you process the information and make decisions.

Focus and Clarity

Problem:  Your mind is overflowing with thoughts, which it can’t hold all at one time.  It is difficult to gather and visualize your thoughts in your head.

Solution:  By writing down all of those thoughts onto paper, the thoughts are gathered.  By having them visually in front of you, you can organize them and make connections.

Advantage:  You now have an overview of your thoughts.  Your mind is able to think and make decisions with the absence of chaos.

Stronger Commitment

Problem:  Items that will happen in the future are easily forgotten. For example appointments, errands, shopping list items

Solution: Writing down these future items will put your mind at rest.

Advantage:  Having these items written down in your planner allows you to be prepared for the future item.

What to Write

In short, write everything down.

Thinking on paper is a positive productivity technique.  Writing things down creates a physical record of it.  It is unnecessary for thoughts to be creating chaos. Consequently, it is no longer necessary for your mind to store it.

Unloading all the information

When you don’t occupy your mind with having to remember every little thing – like remembering to get milk – you become less stressed and it becomes easier to think clearly. Feeling more calm and relaxed makes life easier.

Record your Thoughts

Record what you are thinking.  This is a great tool to use to process your feelings about a specific situation. Processing your feelings by writing strengthens your self-comforting abilities as well as enhances your self-knowledge.  You have a record that shows you have changed over time.  Over time, you will have also some fascinating reading to enjoy!

Helps with Distractions

The majority of distractions are technology based.  Technology is awesome, don’t get me wrong.  The simple truth is Facebook will still be there when you finish your task.

How To Process the Written Items

If you do nothing with all of the items that you write down, you are simply wasting your time.  What you have done so far is to collect your ideas.  The next step is to process what you have written down.  This will allow you to make sense of them and to take action as necessary.

In conclusion, the simple rule for thinking is to write things down.  You can’t process information or make decisions if your mind has too many tabs open.

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