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TFP Book Club.

The TFP Book Club is a community of readers and learners that join together to read and discuss a variety of books. 

  • Encourages setting time aside for reading
  • Read a variety of books
  • Join the conversation about the reading
  • Learning & implementing various ways to make the most of reading
  • Access to the Time For Planning Forum

Selection 2018-1: Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer
Selection 2018-2: Audacious by Beth Moore
Selection 2018-3: 
Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders

TFP Book Club

2018 is going to be a year of personal growth & development. Reading is going to play a big role.

Disclaimer: It’s important to know that I am just an “average” person.  By that, I mean that I am not an expert.  I am simply a 39-year-old woman who wants to learn and be better.

Also, I’d like to mention a few things that are not going to happen in the TFP Book Club.

  • being fake
  • being perfect

My hope is that this community will be a place of being real and helpful.  We are here to better ourselves by learning and growing.

Reading Response Journal

Resource: Reading Response Journal

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • Active Reading Definition
  • Reading Goals
  • Overall Reading Process
  • Active Reading Strategies
  • Annotating Text
  • How To Create Your Reading Response Journal
  • Reading Response Examples
  • Reading Response Log
  • Reading Response Prompts

Currently Reading:

Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders

Selection 2018-3.

Begins June 18, 2018

Week of June 18: Chapter 1-4

1. An Honorable Ambition
2. The Search For Leaders
3. The Master’s Master Principle
4. Natural And Spiritual Leadership

Monday Maximum: Leadership is not about titles.  Leadership is about the character of our mind and heart (Chapter 1).

Tuesday Text: “We must aim to put more into _____ than we take out.” (Chapter 1)

Wednesday Wise Words: Jesus’ Master Principle: “True greatness, true leadership, is found in giving yourself in service to others.” (Chapter 1)

Thursday Thoughts: In chapter 4, Sanders talks about the importance of getting others to do what they don’t want to do and to like it. (a partial quote from President Truman). Merely pointing the way is not enough.  Leadership is about influence, ability to rally people for a common purpose, and cultivating the character that inspires confidence.

Friday Feedback: It’s your turn. Share something that has helped you from chapter 1 to 4.

Saturday Strategy: In chapter 3, Sanders discusses 6 characteristics of God’s special servant, Jesus, based on Isaiah chapter 42.  There are dependence, approval, modesty, empathy, optimism, and anointing.

Week of June 25, 2018: Chapter 5-7

5. Can You Become A Leader?
6. Insights On Leadership From Paul
7. Insights On Leadership From Peter

Tuesday Text:  ______ sees something in me no one else can! (Chapter 5).

Wednesday Wise Words: A well-ordered life is the fruit of a well-ordered mind. (Chapter 6) “The well-balanced state of mind resulting from habitual self-restraint.” -the inner character that comes from daily self-discipline.

Thursday Thoughts: Do something about it. Shake off negative elements that hold you back. (Chapter 5)

Friday Feedback: It’s your turn. Share something that has helped you from chapter 1 to 4.

Saturday Strategy: Work while others waste time!

Week of July 2, 2018: Chapter 8-10

8. Essential Qualities Of Leadership
9. More Essential Qualities Of Leadership
10. Above All Else

Week of July 9, 2018: Chapter 11-13

11. Prayer And Leadership
12. The Leader And Time
13. The Leader And Reading

Week of July 16, 2018: Chapter 14-17

14. Improving Leadership
15. The Cost Of Leadership
16. Responsibilities Of Leadership
17. Tests Of Leadership

Week of July 23, 2018: Chapter 18-22

18. The Art Of Delegation
19. Replacing Leaders
20. Reproducing Leaders
21. Perils Of Leadership
22. The Leader Nehemiah


Tip: Repetitive Terms. If you continue seeing the same term, it’s probably important.  Track where the word appears for a term study.

Reading Response Journal Guide

Adacious by Beth Moore

Selection 2018-2 .

Begins May 1, 2018

reading audacious by beth moore. time for planning. tfp book club.


Weekend May 5 & 6, 2018

Week of May 7, 2018

    • Read Chapter 1-4

Monday Maximize. Reading Tip: Let the questions sink way down low. 

Tuesday Text. “Bold never means __________”. Hint: Found in Chapter 4. 

Wednesday Wise Words. Audacious defined: intrepidly daring, bold, marked by originality and verve. Wow, what a fantastic word! Audacious is an adjective. My goal is to have this word, audacious, describe me. How about you?

Thursday Thoughts. Are you searching to find Jesus in your world? Does He show up in your actions? Ask God to help you to see Him in your life.

Friday Feedback. Share something that has helped you from chapter 1-4. 

Saturday Strategy is focused on actions. Let us not be too fragile that we are unable to adapt or too finicky that we are unable to change. Every obstacle that we face is not a hindrance. It’s all about perspective. Share something that has helped you from chapter 1-4. 


Week of May 14, 2018

  • Read Chapter 5-8

Monday Maximum. Press past automatic answers. 

Tuesday Text. “An inevitable part of discovering what we are good at is discovering ______ ______ ______.” (Hint: Chapter 6, page 60)

Wednesday Wise Words. Look Alive! (Chapter 7, page 71)

Thursday Thoughts. Do you think of Jesus as your imaginary friend? #bethmoore talks in chapter 7 about how some play like Jesus is there and doubt that He hears your prayers. Do you believe Jesus is alive or are you just playing? Jesus Is Alive!! Be audacious!

Friday Feedback. It’s your turn. Share something that has helped you from chapter 5-8.


Week of May 21, 2018

  • Read Chapter 9-12

Monday Maximum. I know it’s easier said than done, but don’t allow what others think of you determine your worth. First of all, God loves you and accepts you right where you are and for what you are. Also, nothing should be allowed to have that kind of control over you. This concept is taken from Chapter 9.

Tuesday Text. “The Son of God saved my _______ and the Word of God saved my ________.” Hint: Answer found in Chapter 12.

Wednesday Wise Words. In chapter 10, Beth talks about our desire for simplicity and how sometimes it feels like everything on earth is complicated. I’m sure you can relate to having those thoughts and feels, just as I can. Our struggles really do make us stronger. How boring our lives would be if everything were simple and easy. Do you agree?

Friday Feedback. It’s your turn. Share something that has helped you from chapter 9-12.

Battlefield Of The Mind by Joyce Meyer

Selection 2018-1.

February 20 thru April 16, 2018

“…our minds give us more problems than anything else.” -Joyce Meyer, Battlefield of the Mind

Here are some of the questions I hope to find answers to, or at least insight, in the Battlefield of the Mind:

  • What are our thoughts? And why?
  • Can we truly choose our thoughts?
  • What do we want to think about?
  • What’s involved in renewing our minds?
  • Exactly how do we choose what we want to think about?
  • What is our new mindset?
  • What do our daily lives look like with mindfulness as a priority?
  • How do we handle unwanted thoughts?

Disclaimer: It’s important to know that I am just an “average” person.  By that, I mean that I am not an expert.  I am simply a 39-year-old woman who wants to learn and be better.

Free Downloads (2018-1)

  • Table Of Contents

Battlefield Of The Mind Introduction & Chapter 1 thru 3

Free Printables for Battlefield Of The Mind.

Refer back to the Reading Response Journal (Nonfiction) for annotation details.

Battlefield Of The Mind Key

T truth

L lies/false

V vocabulary

S  scriptures

A  action & tasks

Q  questions

* important/main ideas

W weapons/tools to use