Starter Kit Buyer Guide.

Starter Kit Buyer Guide

Starter Kit Buyer Guide.

This is a buyer guide for the items that you should have in your starter kit.

Setting up a starter kit is super important when you are a beginner at planning. It is important to have the necessary tools, but not to go overboard (at least not in the beginning).

This starter kit will have minimal suggestions because I don’t want to overwhelm you with supplies.  

I encourage you to start with the basics and maybe the tools.  Later, you can choose from the Add-On Packages.

The main two items that you will need are a notebook and a pen. It really is that simple.

So let’s begin with those two items.

The Starter Kit Necessities


Composition Notebook with Square Grid Pages

Moleskine Hard Cover A5 size with Dot Grid Pages

Leuchtturm 1917 Medium with Dot Grid Pages

Rhodia Black WebNotebook with Dot Grid Pages


Bic Atlantis Ultra Comfort Ball Pen

PaperMate InkJoy Ballpoint Blue Ink

There are also a few basic tools that will be beneficial in a starter kit.  



Double-Sided Tape



Add-On Package A

Sticky Notes



Add-On Package B


Washi Tape


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