My Project Lists: Why and How I Changed My Setup

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Project Lists

Most of my projects are going back through information.  I save a lot of items while I am watching TV and at night laying in bed.  Most of those items need more of my attention.  Maybe I would like to take some notes, or print it, or add it to a list.
  • Why you pin an item on Pinterest if you aren’t going to use that information somehow
  • Why you save items in Evernote
  • Or in Facebook
  • Why you subscribe to a site if you aren’t interested in the email content

Sept 2016 Project Lists.

Problem Setup

My project lists were in their own insert in my standard size traveler’s notebook.  Rather than having a continuous list, I broke the items into “themes.”  For example, Google, Facebook Saved, Pinterest, etc.
After adding one item on two of the pages, I quickly realized the setup was not going to work for me.

Examples of what didn’t work

The item line below is what I wrote on my page.  Below the items the details.

  • item: “add school calendar to planner”
    • Where is the calendar? Is it online? Is it printed?  Again, more details are needed.  What is the website address?  If it’s printed, where is it?
    • How did I want to add the information?  Should I put it on the monthly or weekly spreads?  Or both?
  • item “Chrome Extensions”
    • This item was very vague, but I didn’t want to forget to do it.
    • I needed to figure out what was offered.
    • The extensions needed to be downloaded.
    • The extensions needed to be set up.
    • For some extensions, more research may be necessary to figure out how to use them.

Why the setup was not working

  • not enough space for lists
  • the pages weren’t going to last very long before they became full
  • not enough space to add in details for each item
At this point, I have decided there is a problem.  I have also made a list of why the problem exists.

New Setup

I have used a ringed planner before and knew this would be a good option for the project lists.  I used the supplies I already had on hand by deconstructing a previously used ringed planner.
Sept 2016 Project Lists.

Why the new setup will work

  • A5 is a larger size than a standard traveler’s notebook insert, so I will have more space on each page.
  • I can move things around.
  • Also, I can add and remove pages.
Ultimately, there is no right or wrong solution for your planner.  The objective is finding what works for you.

Items Mentioned

Midori Traveler’s Notebook Standard Size

Avery 3 Ring Binder A5

Avery Filler Paper A5

Sharpie Retractable Pen

Ink Joy Pens

I have published a video on YouTube showing you what my problem setup and my new setup look like.  I tried my best to think out loud so you would understand the why behind what I was doing.
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