current setup video Feb 2017.

Current Setup Video Feb 2017

The first Current Setup video of 2017 is finally here.  I am loving the bound notebook with a designated page per day setup.  I have everything I need all in one place by using the Happy Planner cover, including a spiral notebook for more notes. The items that are used in my current setup Happy […]
Systems & Strategies.

Systems & Strategies Overview

Systems & Strategies Overview Systems & Strategies are typically heard in a business environment, but beneficial outside of work too.  In this post, we will define systems and strategies, how to set up and implement them in your daily life.  By providing structure by using systems and strategies, you ultimately use less energy because you […]
Supercharge Your Life: Level 10 Focus Areas & Goals.

Supercharge Your Life: Level 10 Focus Areas & Goals

  Level 10 Areas of Focus & Goal Ideas Level 10 Life is from The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.  The purpose of this post is to give you some ideas for focus areas and goals for you to supercharge your life with the Level 10 Life. My Spin of Level 10 Success The original “Wheel […]
Grasp Goals in Seven Steps.

Grasp Goals in Seven Steps

It’s a great time to get a grasp on goals and projects!   An important part of success is always determined by how much time you take to plan what it is that you want to accomplish.  And putting time and effort into getting it accomplished. Goals and projects are more than “I want” / […]
My planning process overview.

My Planning Process Overview

Before we talk about my planning process, it would be best discuss my setup.  The setup will help to make my planning process to make sense. My planner is set up with a month spread, followed by a day per page, and then week pages.  I determine how many months will fit in each book and, […]
Corralling the Chaos- Content Review.

Corralling the Chaos: Content Review

Corralling the Chaos: Content Review This post may contain affiliate links, including  Your price won’t change and it supports my business. You are to write everything down in your planner, right?  Everything.  Sometimes all that content turns to chaos, especially if your mind is super busy.  Before you know it, you need to do a […]
Starter Kit Buyer Guide.

Starter Kit Buyer Guide

This is a buyer guide for the items that you should have in your starter kit. Setting up a starter kit is super important when you are a beginner at planning. It is important to have the necessary tools, but not to go overboard (at least not in the beginning). This starter kit will have […]
Planner Setup DIY Hobonichi style. October 21 Update.

October 21 Update | Planner Setup DIY Hobonichi style

Series: Planner Setup DIY Hobonichi Style This post may contain affiliate links, including Your price won’t change and it supports my business. I am still in the same book- yay! My planner has gained quite a bit of weight since last week. It is having a very hard time fitting into my new cover, […]