Moving with a Plan (Checklists Roundup)

Moving Checklists Countdown to Move 2 Month Master List from Apartminty 4 Week Countdown from Wheaton World Wide Moving 6-week Moving Schedule from Repressing the Crazy Change of Address Change of Address Before & After Moving from Moving Insider Change of Address from Lifehacker Utilities Utilities from Repressing the Crazy Packing What to Pack by […]
Tips for Personal Meeting Notes.

Tips for Personal Meeting Notes

Typically during meetings, you have a lot of information given to you. You need an effective system for the notes you take during various meetings. The types of meetings you may attend can vary, as well as how the information is presented. My recommendation is to use a notes notebook component. Read Where to Write […]

Reading List March 2017: 5 Motivational Books

I tend to spend my time reading non-fiction books. I love reading and my reading list is quite long.   I enjoy reading books to gain a new perspective on various topics.  Below are the 5 motivational books that I am currently reading. Be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss the reviews of […]
Put Your Day in Perspective. Personalized Morning Routine to execute your plans.

Personalized Morning Routine to Execute Your Plans

Why wake up with the roosters? What time do the roosters wake up?  Too early.  If you didn’t know, I was born and raised in Arkansas.  There are lots of farm animals in my hometown. You have probably read that the many successful people wake up with those roosters.   Of course, there isn’t anything […]
Block Scheduling: What It Is & Will It Work For You.

Block Scheduling: What It Is & Will It Work For You

What is block scheduling? Block Scheduling Defined Some schools use block scheduling for academic schedules.  It allows for longer periods of time in each class. Block scheduling in a planning system follows the same concept.  You schedule blocks of time to do related tasks. Positives & Negatives of Block Scheduling As with everything in life, there […]
10 Reasons I Prefer Paper Planning (over digital planning).

10 Reasons I Prefer Paper Planning (over digital planning)

  There are so many reasons why I prefer paper planning!  Paper planning has been game-changer for me.  Lately, the biggest impact has been from having everything out of my head and visually in front of me.  I am able to think more clearly and plan in a more productive way.   Paper planning significantly […]
Decide Where to Write Notes .

Decide Where to Write Notes

  The whole point of writing something down is because it’s important to you, whatever the reason.  Where to Write Notes is going to give you strategies for where to write those notes.  A strategy is a plan of action.  Paper planners love paper and supplies. After reading this post, you will most likely end […]
Reading- How to Plan & Tracking Progress.

Reading: How to Plan & Tracking Progress

Tons to read and not enough time.  The bullet journal system is fantastic to plan what to read and when, as well as tracking reading progress for all types of reading material.  I have planned various articles and videos because March is all about reading.  The information in this article can be implemented for both […]
Can't Ignore Coding: Types of Coding Methods.

Can’t Ignore Coding: Types of Coding Methods

  In Part 1 of this series, we talked about a few types of coding processes.  In order to implement those processes, you need some coding methods. Remember, if your methods are too complex you won’t use them.  Also, the purpose of the coding processes and methods are to make your life easier. There are […]