Planning How To- Year View.

Planning How To: Year View

Planning Using a Year View Most of us forget about the function of a year view in our planner.  The year view allows for more tracking and provides an at-a-glance view of major things that you want to remember. For example, I chose to use the “@” symbol to indicate if I had an appointment […]
DIY Dashboards & Dividers.

DIY Dashboards & Dividers

You gain the best of both worlds- function and decoration- with dashboards and dividers. Dashboards can serve a variety of function, such as having items handy.  Dividers are used to locate items quicker.  Both dashboards and dividers add texture and customization to your planner. Dashboards and dividers, whether you create them or they’re included with your […]

How much time do tasks take you?

  Do you struggle with knowing how many tasks you can accomplish on a given day?  Would you like to be able to plan your time more effectively? Knowing which tasks to schedule for each day can be challenging.  You can schedule the right tasks by knowing how long tasks take you to complete. Everyone […]
MindMap to Outline to Planning.

MindMap to Outline to Planning

Most of you have at least heard of this concept of mind-mapping, but have you ever used one?  The ideas in our minds can get cluttered.  They are all floating around and not serving a purpose. The Problem Are you struggling to see the big picture of a particular goal or project?  Are you struggling […]
Fully Utilize Weekly Planning for Productivity.

Fully Utilize Weekly Planning for Productivity

Today is about learning about how to fully utilize weekly planning for productivity. Weekly Planning is challenging.  You have seven days to plan for and various tasks that need to be completed.  The days will continue to pass with or without a plan. Let’s face it.  Your monthly calendar is used for appointments, events, and […]

Supplies | Converting to Travelers Notebook Planner System

These are the supplies (or similar) that I mention in the Supplies | Converting to Travelers Notebook Planner System video. There will be more supplies in the Final Set Up Video. A5 Inserts Stalogy 1/2 year notebook Kraft Folder Insert Month Calendar Insert Square Grid Insert Lined Insert Dot Grid Insert Clear Zipper Pocket Other Accessories Sticky […]

My Perspective on Journal Writing

  Journal Writing provides a way for you to get your thoughts out of your head to gain insight about yourself.  Your journal is a reflection of yourself. Journal Writing Benefits Summary Our minds naturally judge situations as good or bad.  This judgment happens so quickly that there isn’t much time to actually process what’s […]