5 Terms Discussed. Efficient. Effective. Effort. Enhance. Effect. timeforplanning.com

5 Terms Discussed: Efficient, Effective, Effort, Enhance, Effect

Efficient is defined as functioning in the best way possible.  It includes using the least amount of energy and material resources.  It is also performing your task using the least amount of time. How do you know if you are being effective?  You are producing the intended result. You are making progress toward accomplishing your […]
Week 1 Update. timeforplanning.com #onebookjuly2017

#onebookjuly2017 – Week 1 Update

Parts of the Challenge (for me) I am choosing to stay in one book. Update: I didn’t succeed at staying in the new planner that I purchased for this challenge.  The reason is that I found a fantastic deal on a Franklin Convey 7-Ring Planner. I am choosing the Go Big or Go Home. Update: […]
#onebookjuly2017 - New Planner Preview. timeforplanning.com

#onebookjuly2017- New Planner Preview

In this video, I show my new planner including some features.  Also, I mention some products that I purchased for this planner, as well as some favorite supplies. Watch the Video New Products Mentioned The Planner  Post-It Tabs, White  Midori Lightweight Paper Insert Tomoe River Paper  Favorite Supplies Mentioned Tombow Brush Pens, Landscape Staedtler Fineliners […]
What I'm Using for One Book July Challenge 2017. #onebookjuly2017 timeforplanning.com (1)

#onebookjuly2017- What I’m Using

It’s finally here…July 2017!  Can you believe we are halfway through the year already? What I’m Using I am doing one book, one pen, one month Day-Timer Briefcase 7-Ring Planner Pentel Purple Ink I am also doing Project (Version 2.0- 2016) My Project is to re-vamp my office. Here are the before pictures.    

Get Ready for One Book July 2017

Have you heard of the One Book July Challenge? One Book–One Pen–One Month This year is the fourth year for Carie, Vicky, and Rhomany to be hosting this fantastic planner challenge. The One Book July Challenge is meant to simplify your planner and your planning process.  It’s about stepping back and looking at what’s working for […]
Functional Plan With Me June 12-18 2017. timeforplanning.com

Functional Plan With Me | June 12-18, 2017

New travelers notebook for future planner I will be using the compact-size composition notebooks.  Hopefully, it will hold 3 comfortably. I mentioned in the video that I was going to use the compact-size composition notebook size travelers notebook for my everyday planning, but my Stalogy notebook has enough daily pages to last until September 26, 2017. […]
Reviews- Reading List March 2017. timeforplanning.com

Reviews: Reading List March 2017

I read two of the books on March 2017 reading list. In case you missed the March 2017 Reading List, check it out here. Zen to Done by Leo Babauta I purchased this book and read it on my phone.  I highlighted quite a few things that were helpful and also things that gave me […]
Planning How To- Month View. timeforplanning.com

Planning How To: Month View

The process for planning your month view can be somewhat different depending on the style of planner you are using.  For example, since I use a travelers notebook planner system, my months are already set up.  These month pages serve as my future log and my current month view. The objective of the month view […]