How much time do tasks take you?


How much time do tasks take you?

Do you struggle with knowing how many tasks you can accomplish on a given day?  Would you like to be able to plan your time more effectively?

Knowing which tasks to schedule for each day can be challenging.  You can schedule the right tasks by knowing how long tasks take you to complete.

Everyone has their own pace for completing tasks. It’s important to figure out how much time you have during the day for you to get your task list accomplished. 

The next piece of information is knowing how long tasks take so that you can plug tasks into available time slots to get stuff done.  This concept is especially useful for recurring tasks.

The discipline to log your tasks and time in detail will be a game-changer!  Don’t worry; this is only necessary for a few days.

You will be able to answer the question: How much time do tasks take you?

You have your own goals and desired outcomes.  The task logs (below) are meant to be used as a tool to use your time more effectively according to your life.

Let’s Get Started…

Why do you need to know the time tasks take you?

The first priority is to know what you need to get done on a given day.

Life is less stressful when you manage your time.

To get the highest value for your time, it is crucial to understand what you can realistically achieve.

No More Time Barriers

  • Get your goals wrote down and a plan action to achieve them.
  • Learn to say no.  It can be challenging, but you can’t do everything.  It’s your time to do what matters to you.
  • Delegate when possible.  Asking for help from someone who has an open timeslot will get the task complete.
  • Social Media Distraction.  Set time limits for yourself.

Know Your Value of Each Minute. How much time do tasks take you?

Task Logs

There are a few methods I would like to present for your time estimation logs.  Each method leads to the same finish line but exploring each of these methods will bring new insight for planning your day/week/month.

By following one of the options, you will have valuable information to make your daily planning more effective!

 I recommend doing the same method at least twice so that you can have more information to use for planning.  This will make more sense as you keep reading.

Note: You will be able to identify patterns with more days of task logs.

Estimated -vs- Actual

The first method is to list your tasks on the left side of the page and beside each of those tasks estimate how much time it will take you to complete the task.  As you go about your day, log how much time each task actually took you to complete.

You can see how close your estimations are to the actual times it takes you to complete the specific task.

Task Clock

The second method is to write your tasks on the left side of the page and to log the time on the clock for your start and end time for each task. 

The Task Clock will give you the specific time of day and the duration for each of your tasks.

The insight to be gained is to see what time of day you tend to do certain tasks.

24-Hour Time Log

The third method is to use a 24-hour time log.  The 24-hour view allows you to see everything you accomplished in 30-minute increments for a given day. 

You will be logging in the past tense.  In other words, this is a tracker not used as a pre-plan for the day. By logging multiple days, you can analyze any patterns for certain tasks.

Invest time where it matters to you. How much time do tasks take you?

Crunch Time

I encourage you to experiment with doing certain tasks in the morning one day and then in the afternoon on another day to see if there is a difference in how long it takes you to complete.

When analyzing your task logs, look for your peak times so you schedule your time more effectively.


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