Grasp Goals in Six Steps

It’s a great time to get a grasp on goals and projects!

Grasp Goals in Six Steps. Free Download. Time For Planning.

Having goals, whether big or small, gives you a sense of meaning and purpose.

An important part of success is always determined by how much time you take to plan what it is that you want to accomplish.  And putting time and effort into getting it accomplished.

Goals and projects are more than “I want” / “I need” statements. Without goals, you lack the focus and direction needed to succeed.

Both goals and projects must have a plan. To make things a lot easier, you can follow the same steps for both.

Planning forces you to think through every step necessary to achieve your goal or project. Your action plan allows you to see the progress you’re making.

We all have goals and projects in our subconscious mind.  Write them down, plan your plan, and get to work!


Step 1

What do you need/want to do?

First, define and write down the goal or project.

Tip: Write down a why statement for the goal or project, especially if it will be difficult to do.  You need all the motivation you can get.

Step 2 

Why do you need/want to do the goal?

The challenge most people struggle with is committing themselves to the desired outcome they want to achieve. Obstacles will arise as you work through your action list.  These obstacles are where some decide to quit.


Step 3

What is the deadline?

If there is no due date given by someone else, assign a due date yourself. Without a due date, the goal or project won’t get finished. Due dates also apply a sense of urgency, which should help with motivation, as well.

Tip: Write your goal or project on a sticky note, index card, or scrap paper with the due date.  Place it on your bathroom mirror, closet door, pantry door, etc.  

Step 4

How are you going to achieve it?

This is where all the steps involved in accomplishing the goal or project are listed out.  The tasks for each goal or project are tools for measuring your progress.

Make sure each of the tasks are single tasks.  In other words, review each task to ensure it doesn’t need to be broken down into multiple steps.

Now you have your goal or project defined, determined the due date, and listed the tasks involved to finish the goal or project.

Create a Goal Strategy Toolbox

The questions below will help guide you through some strategies you may need to use for your goal or project.


Do you need more information?  List what you need and where to get it.


Do you need someone’s help?  List the person and what you need.


Do you need to buy something?  List what you need, where to get it, and the cost.

Do you need to gather something? List what you need and where to get it.

After planning your strategies, you may have a long task list.

Tip: Use sticky notes

Step 5

Create Your Action Plan

The next step is creating your action plan, which means organizing your task lists and scheduling the tasks in your planner. Use your objectives list (step 3) and your strategy tasks (step 4) to assign the order of when they need to occur. Keeping the main due date in mind, assign due dates to each of the objectives.  Naturally, it is helpful to also estimate how long each task might take.

Tip: Do one thing every day to make progress.

Step 6

Get To Work!

Finally, it’s time to implement your plan. Start with the first task. And then keep going.

Tip: Review your progress daily.

What are your goals this week? 

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