Functional Plan With Me | June 12-18, 2017

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Functional Plan With Me June 12-18 2017. (2)

New travelers notebook for future planner

I will be using the compact-size composition notebooks.  Hopefully, it will hold 3 comfortably.

I mentioned in the video that I was going to use the compact-size composition notebook size travelers notebook for my everyday planning, but my Stalogy notebook has enough daily pages to last until September 26, 2017. I will be publishing a video showing me making this travelers notebook out of the piece of leather, as well as the initial setup.

I have decided to wait until October to move into this new size travelers notebook.  I will be publishing a video showing me making this travelers notebook out of the piece of leather, as well as the initial setup.

We all get excited by all the planner choices, especially when you discover something new.  Do you want to know the secret to sticking with your current planner until it’s full?

Make it something you absolutely can’t wait to use!  How?  Make it yours.  Let it be what you need it to be.  Add items that you love!

June 12-18, 2017

Watch...Functional Plan With Me - June 12-18.

Weekly Routine

Weekly routines are super useful to me.  My weekly routine includes categories that I plan within on the same day every week.  This eliminates the constant usage of brain power every week to think of what I need to do.  In other words, the category is listed on my weekly routine and then the specific tasks with details go on my daily pages. Using categories on my weekly routine also helps to maintain the things that are important to me.  As I was using my weekly routine to plan this week, I took the opportunity to move things around that I knew weren’t working for me on the day they were listed on.

For this particular week, I was not able to plan effectively because I didn’t get a major task completed last week.  Life happens, right?  So, we keep pushing forward.

No More Master To-Do List

Eliminating my master to-do list has been another smart move for me.  I fixed the problem of not scheduling the tasks from this list by creating pages with categories that correspond to my weekly routine.


In the video, I use my kitchen pantry as an example.  Just like with planning (and with everything in life), building a strong foundation allows you to adjust easier.  For instance, from the video, I talk about organizing my pantry.  What baskets can I use?  What would help me to keep this more organized?  When it does get messy, what’s the problem?  And what can I do to fix it?

Organization affects so many areas of our lives.  When you are (more) organized your home becomes what you want it to be, it helps with your daily routines, and significantly reduces stress and allows for a better mindset.

Watch my Zone Cleaning Video. It changed my life.

Planning Tips:

  • Write enough out on your tasks so that you know what you’re talking about.  In other words, be careful when using shorthand phrases.
  • When your task list is long, take breaks to prevent getting unmotivated.
  • When something doesn’t work, move it somewhere else.


Fully Utilize Weekly Planning for Productivity.


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Do you ever get tired of looking at white pages?  Remember your planner is just a book unless you use it.   Check out some supplies below to customize your planner.

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