Functional Plan With Me July 17-23, 2017

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Week of July 17 – 23, 2017

Adding a Lesson Plan Book for Pre-Planning

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The biggest change to my planning process has been adding a teacher’s lesson plan book.  I discovered that I needed more room with the addition of the TFP Store and Patreon.  I am using the lesson plan book to plan everything regarding Time For Planning.  The larger size gives me space to think and I am also enjoying flipping the book back on itself.

I enjoyed pre-planning in the lesson plan book.  I created a simple coding system that allows me to write as little as possible.  By adding this component, I am now able to make my daily pages more efficient.

I modified the book to fit my needs by using washi tape and labels.  I am also using a pencil while pre-planning.  I will definitely keep you updated on how it’s working for me.

Daily Page Space

It seems that my daily pages are filling up too quickly.  I am not left with a lot of space after doing my weekly planning.  I am going to be reviewing my contents throughout this week to see if the items should be placed in a different section or if I need more than one page per day.



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