Functional Plan With Me August 14-20, 2017

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Week of August 14 – 20, 2017

Functional Plan With Me August 14 to 20 2017.

There are new things happening at!  With the goal of adding some new dimension, I am adding content regarding Alex’s homeschool and God.  In order to make these things happen the way that I plan has changed.

The way we plan needs to change with the different seasons of our lives.  It’s not that our old system has failed; it’s that new chapters are beginning.

In this week’s functional plan with me, I want to mention some important components of my planning system.

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First, let’s talk about brain dumps.  I do a brain dump at least once per week and more often if necessary.  Currently, I am using a Midori Lightweight Insert for my brain dumps.

Second, let’s talk about habit trackers.  A habit tracker that is on one page with a long list of items doesn’t work for me because the list seems overwhelming and I feel like I have failed if things don’t get marked complete.  My solution is to set weekly goals for my value areas and to write out each of the items on my daily pages.  Some might think this is unnecessary due to the rewriting, but I am increasing my completion rate by taking a little extra time.


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Third, as I mentioned above, is weekly goals.  I am tired of dreaming and not taking action on things that are important to me.  A dream doesn’t become a goal until it is written down, planned for, and executed.  The current way I listed my goals does need to change so that I can keep them near my daily page.

Finally, this week I am doing some prep work for creating a new daily schedule and weekly routine.  Like I mentioned above, new and exciting things are going to be shared with you and to incorporate more of my goals I need to adjust what is currently being done and when it is done. The prep work includes logging my time and what I did during each day for the week.




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