DIY Dashboards & Dividers

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DIY Dashboards & Dividers

You gain the best of both worlds- function and decoration- with dashboards and dividers.

Dashboards can serve a variety of function, such as having items handy.  Dividers are used to locate items quicker.  Both dashboards and dividers add texture and customization to your planner.

Dashboards and dividers, whether you create them or they’re included with your planner, should be customized for you.  You can use layers on each one to add dimension.

Note: The supplies mentioned have multiple uses.

DIY Dashboards & Dividers.


General Usage of Dashboards

Dashboards are used for having post-it notes, page flags, and labels, and stickers handy for use in your planner.  They are also used for storing the post-it notes that have information written on them (similar to a bulletin board). Additionally, dashboards are used for inspiration.

Dashboards can be made from a multitude of supplies.  They should be a reflection of you while helping with the overall function of your planner.

Location of Dashboards in Different Types of Planners

Typically, dashboards are at the very front of your planner.  However, with no rules for planning, you can have more than one and place them wherever you want.

Bound Notebook: Using the inside cover is a great place for a dashboard. If you choose to have more than one, tip them into the desired location.

Ring Bound: Inside the very front is handy.  Consider the need for other dashboards between sections.

Travelers Notebook: Again, the very front.  And again, consider the need for other dashboards between sections. To insert the dashboards, place them under the elastic surrounding the insert.

DIY Your Dashboard

To Use for Actual Dashboard:

Inspirational Quote

Collage of Pictures and/or Text

Project Life Cards or Other Meaningful Cards

Transparent, Solid, or Pattern Backgrounds


As you add more information to your planner, you will probably have the need to mark certain pages to location things quicker.  Basically, dividers are also dashboards with the added function of a label.

While post-it tabs are super handy when used alone to mark pages, they are also handy for creating divider labels.

Personally, I don’t like my sections all mixed up.  In other words, I don’t use the concept of “using the next page.”

Dividers can have labels on the side (the long side of your page) and sub-sections can be added on the top (the short side of your page).

DIY Your Dividers

While post-it tabs are super handy when used alone to mark pages, they are also handy for creating divider labels.  The Post-It tabs are fantastic because you can use them alone (labeling directly on the tab) and they serve as a base for your label (add another label on top with double-sided tape).

Bound Notebook: Tipping in a thinner paper, like vellum or transparent paper, as the divider will add the least amount of bulk.  Use post-it tabs to label each section.  To create sub-sections, add the post-it tabs on the top of the page.

Ring Bound: Use file folders or regular letter size binder dividers.  Cut to size making sure you leave the tab area for your label. To create sub-sections, turn the folders or binder dividers the opposite direction.  You can also use scrapbook paper as the divider with post-it tabs as the label.

Travelers Notebooks: Use Post-It tabs to label your sections.

Other Supplies Needed:

Self-laminating sheets

Quick Tip: Laminate your dashboards for durability and for an ideal surface for post-it notes.

Clear adhesive pockets

Double-Sided Sticky Tape

Post-It Notes

Page Flags

Crunch Time

Show me what you create for your dashboard(s) and dividers!

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