Decide Where to Write Notes


Decide Where to Write Notes.

The whole point of writing something down is because it’s important to you, whatever the reason.  Where to Write Notes is going to give you strategies for where to write those notes.  A strategy is a plan of action.  Paper planners love paper and supplies. After reading this post, you will most likely end up in the Amazon Store adding components to your system to implement your new strategies.

Strategies for Where to Write Notes

Will your bullet journal planner be sufficient?

No doubt your planner will be sufficient for brief notes.  Brief notes are simply items that you want to remember.

Ultimately, if the notes that need to be recorded will take up more than 2 pages, it may be best to use an additional source for the notes on the particular topic.

When do you need another place for your notes?

It is common for planners not to want to recopy the same content over and over each time that a new bullet journal planner is started.  Therefore, consider your strategies for where to write notes.

On an average day, you wouldn’t need to have the notes from the novel you are reading with you, so those notes shouldn’t be written in your planner.

Notes from school textbooks, lectures, reading fiction books, motivational quotes, online articles, recipes, and planning projects are just a few examples of when you should add-on additional notebooks to your system.

My bullet journal planner is used for planning.  As a result, the majority of my daily pages are tasks that need to be completed.  With that in mind, everything else goes into other components of my system.

My task might read “mind-map blog post ideas for April”.  The actual mind-map won’t be done in my bullet journal planner.

I read a lot of articles about blogging and planning.  I will have tasks listed for the particular items that I want to read, but all of the notes, again, will be in a notebook according to the topic.

Strategy Options

The goal is to be able to find what you need when you need it.  On the other hand, you don’t want to overcomplicate your system.

Thoughts to Consider

Do you need the notes on this topic(s) with you and how often?  You will want to choose something that is as portable as your bullet journal planner.

Can the notes be combined into an additional everyday carry?  For instance, you could incorporate a separate travelers notebook or disc-bound notebook that accompanies your bullet journal planner.

Review the contents of your bullet journal planner looking for items that need to be in a separate component of your system.

If you have certain situations that are in question, contact me.  I would be happy to help.

Check out Reading Response Journal Non-Fiction for more strategies and methods to apply to taking notes from books..


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