DIY Dashboards & Dividers.

DIY Dashboards & Dividers

You gain the best of both worlds- function and decoration- with dashboards and dividers. Dashboards can serve a variety of function, such as having items handy.  Dividers are used to locate items quicker.  Both dashboards and dividers add texture and customization to your planner. Dashboards and dividers, whether you create them or they’re included with your […]
Can't Ignore Coding: Types of Coding Methods.

Can’t Ignore Coding: Types of Coding Methods

  In Part 1 of this series, we talked about a few types of coding processes.  In order to implement those processes, you need some coding methods. Remember, if your methods are too complex you won’t use them.  Also, the purpose of the coding processes and methods are to make your life easier. There are […]
7 Practical Ways to Use Washi Tape.

7 Practical Ways to Use Washi Tape

Use Washi Tape in Practical Ways This post may contain affiliate links, including Your price won’t change and it supports my business. Without question, customizing your planner encourages you to use it.  More specifically, your planner needs to be visually appealing.  In the post (and video) How to Get Started Planning & Practice Planner,  I […]