2018 Word Of The Year

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2018 Word of the Year. Maximize. www.timeforplanning.com

2018 Word Of The Year

I want 2018 to be a fantastic year! I’m sure you would like that same result.  I love the freshness that comes in January.

There are several things that are required of me (and you) in order for the above statement to become true.  One of the major things that absolutely has to happen is determining what goals need to be achieved for the next 365 days to produce fantastic results.

In the past, I had never had a word of the year. There wasn’t really a reason for not having one; I just never participated.

Why I chose a word for the year

As I was brainstorming, I decided that a word of the year would serve multiple functions for me.  First, a word of the year would serve as a reminder of the direction that I need to be moving in for a consecutive 365 days.  Second, Time For Planning would benefit from having a consistent direction to promote a cohesive year. Finally, I would have the experience of exploring the various definitions and applications of the word of the year.

How to choose your word of the year

Initial Brainstorming Session

Your goals and your word of the year should definitely correspond.

I used a blank piece of paper to begin brainstorming what my goals might be for year.  I thought about what I need to accomplish in each of the areas of my life.  I refer to these major areas of my life as “value areas.”  After making some initial lists and jotting down some ideas, I set my papers aside to come back to at a later time.

Find Inspiration

Sometimes we know what we want to do but we don’t know how to make it happen.  When I come across this situation, I look for how others are doing it.  Then I tweak it to fit my needs.

I logged into my Facebook account and as I was scrolling through my feed I noticed numerous conversations about others picking their words for 2018. I read through many of them and wrote down words that caught my attention.

Lookup the definitions

After I had written down some options, I decided that I wanted an action word and a word that could be applied in various ways.  My word of the year needed to have multiple meanings and word variations.

Read through the definitions of the words and decide if they reflect what you want your year to look like.

Also, don’t forget to lookup synonyms.

Maximize. 2018 Word of the Year. www.timeforplanning.com

It took some time, but I finally decided on my word of the year!


This word provokes action…Maximize.

There is passion and desire in this word…Maximize.

There is a need to go big or go home…Maximize.

When I say it, it sounds big…Maximize.

Great things will result…Maximize.

I will become better; things will become better…Maximize.

When I say it, it makes me want to take action…Maximize.

What can I maximize?

How can I maximize something?

How to apply your word of the year

Put it everywhere.

Make sure you see your word of the year often.  

Put it on your first dashboard in your planner.  

Put it on your page markers in your planner.

Design something for your computer wallpaper and cell phone lock screen.

Make a sign for somewhere in your living area using purchased letters adhered to wood or canvas.

A picture frame can be used to hold an image including your word of the year the word can simply be written on the glass with a dry erase marker.

Lookup ways to write each of the letters in your word of the year using a font that you enjoy.

Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Planning

Write your word of the year on your calendar planning pages when you need a boost of motivation.  

Your word of the year needs to constantly be in your mind.

Do your plans reflect your word of the year?


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